Do We Enter Triumphantly?

Triumphant… defines it as:

an adjective

1.having achieved victory or success; victorious; successful.
2.exulting over victory; rejoicing over success; exultant.
This morning I read “The Triumphal Entry” section of John 12:12-19.  Jesus enters into a great crowd on a donkey, and the crowd shouts to meet him:
“Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”
“Blessed is the King of Israel!”
People were noticing Jesus’ presence, His Miracles, and His love.  Jesus had achieved success…people were acknowledging Him as King.  We have moments where we too want attention…
Last night, our seven year old burst through the office…triumphant.  He finally lost a tooth!  How did he get it out…time, patience, biting a Lego mini-figure head off, and finally eating another apple to knock it out.  He came bounding through our office doors, jumping up and down, smiling with glee…holding that precious tiny baby tooth.  His first tooth was lost, and in losing sometimes we gain the joy of new beginnings!  He has two adult teeth all ready emerging in the place of those baby ones.
So it is with Jesus.  A baby has changed into a man.  A triumphant man enters into the crowd.  It is time for us to also rejoice when we have our children, our spouse, our friend, our neighbor, etc…enter into our presence.  Do we see Him in them?  Do we share in their joys and success?  Do we recognize that the triumphant entry of Christ is all around us?  He is filling our lives and others’ lives with joy and gifts!
Joy is triumphant, God given, and worthy to be received in our hearts.
Seven years our son waited to lose that precious first tooth, and I too waited.  Long ago when he was a wee baby in my womb, I bought a beautiful box knowing that one day he would lose teeth.  I remember my excitement in losing teeth and waiting to see what the tooth fairy would bring.
God is far better than the tooth fairy.  He brought us the gift of Jesus.  It is when we welcome Him into our hearts that we gain the eternal reward, a gift of heaven.  God continues to grow me as I wait at times for change to happen.  It takes years for growth in my own life to occur, and I rejoice when those new beginnings emerge with purpose.  Through His triumphant entry into our hearts through His Word, our life experiences are changed with the Spirit and joy of Jesus.
Dear Lord,
Help me to recognize the triumphant entry of You into my life through so many precious moments and pages unfolding in our lives.  Give me peace as I get frustrated with being the summer “camp counselor” of our home.  I know that when I serve you and look for your glimmers of grace, I will see good changes and discover new ways to worship.  Be with those who read this words.  Help their Monday (or whatever day this is) to be grace-filled.  Allow each of us to welcome Jesus in such a way that we realize he is a part of our triumphant moments.  Amen.

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