When Baby Jesus Gets Tossed in a Bush

Photo Credit: The Grimes Times

Driving to our Father’s Day outing yesterday, our seven year old in the backseat said “Dad, remember the time you threw baby Jesus into that bush?”  He pointed out the window as we drove by.  We all smiled and laughed…

You see, last December, our preschool son made a shoe box manger scene.  The baby Jesus was a peanut in its shell with a Sharpie smiley face drawn on it.  I was in my husband’s car for pick up that day.  Apparently baby Jesus fell out onto the floor board…

One day on his ride home from work in December my husband glanced to the floor board and thought “ugh…my family always leaves junk in my car.”  He threw the peanut out of the window into the bush.  When our three year old and I were looking for baby Jesus a few days later, I asked my husband “Did you find a peanut in your car with a little face on it? We’re missing baby Jesus.”  My husband laughed aloud and confessed that he had thrown baby Jesus out the window into a bush.

We all continue to laugh and get a kick out of reliving the story at that stoplight when we pass that bush.  On a more serious real note…it’s quite easy to toss Jesus into a bush.  We often hide Him.  In my daily walk I find that I sometimes get tired of walking the walk.  I can become jealous, angry, and selfish.  I find it easy to talk about Jesus with my family, but not so much with friends.  There is a safe community of Believers online, but they all ready have the baby Jesus peanut faith.  What about those that have never heard the story? He came to this world to be our Savior.

Psalm 18:46

The Lord lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be God my Savior!
Jesus is more than a preschool lesson…Jesus is more than a peanut.  Jesus is a heart changer.  He made this Psalmist use exclamation marks for crying out loud!  He forgives, He loves, and He shapes us into the people he designed us to be.
Real dads are not perfect.  They are perfectly real.  This is the sweet man that threw baby Jesus out the car window.  I love him because he is always honest and real with us.
Dear Heavenly Father,

May we value your Son, Jesus.  Help us share His love with others.  When we toss our faith out the window, may we return to you and hold tightly to the gift of your saving grace.  Help us go forward with our day in joy and peace.  AMEN



2 thoughts on “When Baby Jesus Gets Tossed in a Bush

    1. Jennifer,
      Thank you for reading the Baby Jesus peanut story! Addison and I found a peanut shell at a different park later yesterday…I was laughing, and I sent a photo of Addison holding it to your brother. We found Baby Jesus half way across town! 🙂 God’s glimmers of grace are most definitely every where! Jennifer


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