What Do We Reflect?


Source: Perpetual Grace

Today we celebrate the lives of fathers.  Our earthly fathers are blessings. However, there is a Father, God, who is capable of a love so deep that no one here on earth can compare.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for loving us so much that you shared your Son, Jesus, with us.  You teach us how to live through your love, your Word, and your grace.  Thank you for my own father who took me to church and has stayed faithfully present in my life.  Thank you also for my husband who is a man of God as well…he loves deeply and reflects goodness to our children.  May my life be a reflection of You.



2 thoughts on “What Do We Reflect?

  1. A wonderful post for this Sunday morning as we celebrate Father’s Day. Oh how He loves us! Beautiful words to your father and husband too.
    I love your blog name…I smiled as soon as I clicked on your link from Sunday Stillness.


  2. My late father was also thr one who taught me that our Pappa God is love. I still miss him everyday. He was such a gentle, kind and loving ma.
    Much love XX


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