Listen Without a Screen in Your Face


“Are you listening to me?” I ask our children when I’m trying to get them to answer my question about what they want for breakfast or when I’m instructing them that it’s time to do chores or get ready to go somewhere (maybe even to bed)…

“Mom, your screen time is up.” I love it when my children remind me to get off of my computer.  I try to limit their screen time so why do I feel that sometimes I’m exempt from breaking away from my social media fix.  We live in a world with screens…television, tablets, computers, and phones vie for our eyes and our attention.  They suck you in.  When you look at a screen you do not listen fully.

“Look at me at listen.” I say this to our boys (ages 4 years and 7 years).  They reluctantly do.  I try to do the same when they come to talk to me.  If we don’t we miss an opportunity to help the family, and possibly give ourselves a needed break.  Our eyes get tired…most of the stuff we are reading/playing isn’t life changing. 

Changing the way I listen…

I am going to try very hard to change the way I listen to my spouse and my children.  I need to get this screen out of my face.  I purposely took Facebook off of my smart phone…NOW, who is the smart one? (wink, wink).  I keep Twitter on there, but as soon as the Hello Mornings Twitter summer session wraps up I will take it off there as well.  I like it for news, and I claim that I want to stay up to date with my Twitter Christian women friends.  However, truth is really…it’s a time suck.  I need to listen more to the real life happenings around me, and look at a screen less.

How do you balance the less is more of screen time?  For you?  For your family?  We try to do 30 minutes sessions, but it is SO easy for the kids and I to go over that amount.  Times up…


7 thoughts on “Listen Without a Screen in Your Face

  1. Jennifer, I so understand! I fuss at my girls all the time for watching too much tv and I restrict their computer time, but I don’t restrict mine. I try to justify it with the idea that I’m “working” but facebook isn’t even networking most of the time, it’s time sucking, you’re right. I need to work on some rules for myself, too, like turning away from the screen to look at them and listen. Lately, I say yes to things I don’t even know I’ve said yes to!


  2. You have done the right thing I think. I find it sad when I look at families and see that they are together but are not talking to one another. Instead they are all occupied with some hand-held device.


  3. your post reminds me of how I feel about too much social media, & my own values of spending more time really listening, & yes ‘I do get sucked in”! will keep on trying to do the right thing!


  4. I am so guilty of to much screen time too. Although my kids are older (24 yr old & 20 yr old) they still need some face to face time. There are also others that I need to speak into my life and I into theirs. Thank you for the reminder to limit my time and to always listen.


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