A Finish Line of True Reward

As our older son attends Vacation Bible School at a local church this week, I praise Him for opportunities such as these. May we run to Jesus as the children do.  Help me to celebrate the joys and grace that daily do fill our lives.

Jennifer K Cook

As a runner I really appreciated this quote…

“So whatever you face today, friend, run. Run to win the prize. Run like the wind. And when you fall; don’t throw in the towel, don’t point fingers, don’t stew, and don’t quit. Get right back up and run again… in the mercy, strength and grace of God.”  Gwen Smith

I try to run a couple of times a week.  Sometimes as a busy mom I only fit in one run a week.  Whatever I get in, I feel blessed.  I feel blessed to have legs that function, healthy lungs, and a most of all a strong heart.  A heart that is full to overflowing with thanksgiving, peace, love, and grace.  Most of the crap that happens in a day is miniscule.  What truly matters is the big stuff…our hearts slant, our mind’s perspective, and what spirit we let fill us.  Anger…

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