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“The plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.” Psalm 32:11

Yesterday we celebrated our son’s seventh birthday.  Here are seven pictures that caught my eye from the many we took yesterday.  He had friends and family to celebrate with him.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Sunday stillness.  You alone give us rest.  You deserve our praise.  Sitting in my comfortable office chair and typing on my laptop computer is a gift.  More importantly, the young man that now lies on his blankets next to me is truly a gift.  He wakes each morning shortly after me, and in our early quiet morning times we see your grace, feel your peace, and rejoice in the lives you give us.  May each of us see your grace in the people and things that enter into our Sunday…into our everyday.  –Amen

p.s. If you wish to read posts similar to this one, (on Sunday stillness) please visit Janis Cox here.


4 thoughts on “Birthday Boy Bliss

  1. Thank you for linking to Sunday Stillness and for passing it on as well. I am excited with the new friends in Christ; how we can encourage one another and become stronger in our faith.
    Beautiful shots on a birthday but I love your prayer. That is touching and genuine.


    1. graceglimmers 2013-06-10 — 09:41

      Thank you for stopping by to read my link in Sunday Stillness sharing time. I like to end my blog posts with prayers because it reminds me to focus back on Him. I appreciate your genuine words always too. Authenticity is amazing. May God bless you this week!


  2. Thank you for introducing me to Sunday Stillness. I posted something. My favorite picture is the first. Enjoy them, they grow up very fast. You can read my Sunday Stillness on trusting, just trusting Him at


    1. graceglimmers 2013-06-09 — 12:03

      I loved the first one also. I took that of him while he was waiting for his friends to take a turn in the water gun game…they shot ping pong balls off of golf ball tees in a foam board. He and a friend decided to sit next to the target. I thought he looked so cute, and his hands are almost heart shaped in prayer. Yes, they do grow up quickly.


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