Grace, Peace, and Good Books


This and other C.S. Lewis Quotes can be found at an article by the Salt Lake City Deseret News.  I follow @CSLewisDaily on Twitter.  There tweet today included the article.  I have read many of C.S. Lewis’ books: The Chronicle of Narnia and Mere Christianity are excellent.  I love to read and have many favorite authors.

Presently I’m reading John from the New Testament of The Bible with Hello Mornings, Gorgeously Green, and The Step of Faith. The Step of Faith is a part of The Walk series by Richard Paul Evans.  He is a modern day author with many books that intertwine glimmers of grace within each story.  I stumbled upon one of his books last year at our local library, and now I’m hooked.  Who are your favorite authors? Books?  Are you doing any summer reading?

Please share in the comments your favorite authors.  I’m about done with my books, and I will need more for summer, fall, winter, and spring!  Reading is such a gift.  God’s Word and the words of man are life changing.




2 thoughts on “Grace, Peace, and Good Books

    1. Chris, I have not heard of that book. Is this the one you were talking a bit about at #inRL? I will check to see if our local library has it. Or perhaps an antique store?


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