Sparkling Fun



We had some “sparkling fun” yesterday and this past weekend!  Summer has arrived.  It is June.  We have two birthday boys this week!  It is such a joy to watch our children grow.  We had a basketball cake last night for our younger son’s birthday.  He had the same theme last year…why not?!  His choice.  We also had a special “sparkler” candle shaped in the number 4.  He was a little scared by it at first, but then he wanted to do it again!  My mom and I succumbed to the little boy pressure and cuteness by lighting his brother’s number 7 candle later in the night.  Sparklers are so fun!  The grocery store has more where that came from…we can buy another before the next birthday later this week!

Kids know how to sparkle.  They are a constant remind of joy.  Their emotions flow freely and change quickly.  They can go from scared to happy, sad to moving on, in moments.  I wish I was the same.  I tend to get stuck in the details, the drudgery.  I’m going to try to focus more on the sparkle.  God is in the sparkle.  He is magical, light giving, and brings joy!

Joy dare challenge to myself today…Ten on Tuesday.  Today I will count ten things I consider gifts.  Ann Voskamp taught me about the counting of gifts, and God never fails to show me more and more of those…

1. Sparkler candles

2. Birthday cake and ice cream

3. Bed head cuteness on fine white blonde hair

4. Brothers who like playing together

5. Brothers who fight that allow me to teach love and forgiveness

6. Our backyard pool…endless exercise and play on summer days

7. Hello Mornings Bible Study fellowship

8. Online chat boxes that surprise you on Facebook (a childhood friend of mine pinged me this morning).

9. Facebook photos of family that live in other states.

10. Hot tea and local honey…the microwave from the 1980s that still works after all these years…to heat the water and other things daily.

“At dawn, he appeared again in the temple courts, where all the people gathered around him, and he sat down to teach them.” –John 8:2

At dawn, Jesus still sits down next to me as The Word.  I open my Bible, and He teaches me at my desk.  Our home office becomes a temple, and I am so very thankful that the lap top computer can light with “sparkling fun” in so many surprising formats!  What are your Ten on Tuesday?  What lights your life lately?  Blessings to you as you count your own gifts today.  Look for glimmers of grace…God is sparkling!

Linking with a new blogger today…Laura J. Boggess:


2 thoughts on “Sparkling Fun

  1. Happy birthday to your sweet boys! “Sparkling kids”— yes, that captures it so well. I love the way a child can bring light into gray places. Glad you linked up with Laura today. We’re neighbors at the Wellspring 🙂 Hope you have a great week.


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