Intentional Living in America

I woke up in my clothes from yesterday.  We moms do such crazy things.  I fell asleep on the couch, but at least I had showered after our beach day yesterday.  I am wearing a sports bra, running shorts, and a sleeveless t-shirt.  I think I’m good to go for another day.

“While we look for reasons in what feels random, and great purpose in our lives through grand deeds and gestures, what we are missing are the day-to-day opportunities He sets out for us… .One of those small moments you see when you are living intentionally may just be the moment He needed you most.  Live it for Him.” —Sara Frankl, Gitzen Girl

I try to live it for Him, but I confess I often fall short.  My friend Patty (pictured above) is one of my most special mom friends.  She is authentic, funny, and we both are mothers of boys.  In reading my blog she has been encouraging, and I am so thankful that she is coming to visit Florida in a few weeks.  This photo was taken about a year ago on a girl’s trip in Missouri.

Interestingly, I wore the same ball camp last year that I wore again yesterday after the beach.  It is one of my favorites.  It’s a patriotic ball cap with the American flag.  I got it from the U.S. Open Tennis weekend I spent with my parents in New York City back in 2005.  Americans live in abundance…I am one who is richly blessed with stories of travel and tangibles beyond necessity.

When given gifts beyond our needs, how do we live intentionally?  Today, in the USA, we celebrate Memorial Day.  I thought about how to pay tribute on my blog this morning to the American soldiers past and present who fight for our country.  However, it is really so much bigger than that.  We all play a role in society.

In waking up each morning and living intentionally we make choices.  We impact others and live lives that intertwine with others.  What my grandparents, parents, and I do has a generational impact.  We each have different family units, careers, and enemies that we fight.

I fight the enemies of perfectionism, anxiety, and anger (with my kids, husband, and myself).  When the perfectionism, anxiety, or anger go too high I shut down into depression.  The glass seems to be empty…not even half full.  Granted I am MUCH better at coping with life now than I was even a couple of years ago.  Today, my “enemies” seem trivial.  I think about the soldiers who are on active duty today going on missions to help make our world a safer place.

I am a mom, but I am not a soldier.  However, my husband and I were both raised by Air Force veterans.  My maternal grandfather also served in World War II in the U.S. Navy.  There is a generational impact here.  When you wake up daily, work hard (doing whatever it is God is calling you to do), and put your trust in God…you are intentionally living your life story and your children do listen, look, and latch on to the examples that they experience.

I have experienced a rich life as an American woman.  I am free to worship as I please, and I received an education that is far beyond many women of our world.  We live in abundance.  When I am quick to complain, I only have to pause, pray, and start counting the gifts that surround me.

When I wake up (even if it is in the clothes I wore the day before), I put my feet firmly on the ground of my house to serve the Lord, my husband, our two sons, and whomever God places in my path today.  We all fight enemies, and we all have fears.  Today, I will be grateful for the freedoms we have and the everyday heroes who laid a path for me.

I remember also that there was a man who walked the earth serving, loving, blessing, and sacrificing for us ALL to receive eternal life.  Thank you Jesus.  Thank you for teaching us how to live intentionally.

However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace. Acts 20:24 NIV


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