Sometimes You Have to Be Content To Sit Alone with the Son

“Even when our tears slip we know His hand never does.  His creation says it all.  He goes deep like the ocean.  He stretches wide like the sky.  He reaches out like the sun.”  Lysa Terkeurst

This week I have had tears slip.  The news of a family friend who was in a terrible accident.  National news of tornadoes that leveled people and buildings in Oklahoma.  Watching neighbor babies take swim lessons and cry…yell…scream for help.  We get dunked in life.  We have to swim.  We also have to take deep breaths, and sometimes we stretch out our wings to sit alone with the Son.  We let Him shine down on us through his peace and presence.


This beautiful bird sat on a fallen tree branch in our yard yesterday afternoon.  It was drying its wings after a rainstorm.  Don’t we all have to sit and dry our wings after a storm?  We need the warmth of the “Son”, and we often sit alone.  Isn’t it better though when others come alongside of us?  Once we have had some quiet time with the Son…then, we are ready to fly in community with others.

I pray alone often and read God’s Word daily.  However, a tiny part of myself wants to share the Son with others.  I want others to sit with me and soak in His Word…and pray together through the scriptures.  My dream…a Moms in Prayer group in our town.  I want to pray with other moms for our children.  What part of this dream feels the riskiest?  This…Will any one come sit with me?  I may have to sit alone for awhile.  I may have to keep flying up next to “birds” that I don’t really know and asking them if they would be interested in a Moms in Prayer weekly fellowship time with me…at my house.  Most women my age do not really openly share about Jesus.  Maybe it’s the same for you too?

So far I have not had people disagree or misunderstand my dream.  I have just found that most women have other things to do.  Women are working.  Women are exercising.  Women are running errands.  Women today are literally running themselves ragged to keep up with the world in which we live.  A world that does not often sit to be still with Our Father and a Bible.  Don’t get me wrong…I work, exercise, run errands, and feel run ragged at times too.  However, I believe there is a special place that needs to be carved out for sitting in the Son.  Basking in His glorious power…through prayer…through scripture reading…through fellowship with others.

This fellowship with others is a dream that is scary because right now I do not know who I am meant to meet, greet, open my mouth to tell about this.  I have asked those I think are Christians…who would be free on Friday mornings in the next school year.  However, I seriously know that God is bigger than that.  He has so many moms out there who may need Moms in Prayer…for now, I will pray.  I will sit with the Father daily, and soak in the Son.  The energy of God’s Word and the direction it brings will help.  I will pray.  I will wait.  I will continue to stretch out my wings alone for now…

“You diligently study the Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life.” John 5:39-40  May we not only study God’s Word but also come to Him to have life.  He gives us the unshakeable Spirit…Christ in our hearts…ready to flow in love toward others.

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One thought on “Sometimes You Have to Be Content To Sit Alone with the Son

  1. I’ll be praying right along beside you. Sometimes it the prayers we continue to pray, even when we are alone, that will eventually make the difference. They have to actually…..He promises that His word never returns void 🙂


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