“Sanctuary” is a worship song I sang in youth group as a teen. I also sang this song to our children when they were babies, as a lullaby.

This song is powerful, and I told my son…”I like this song.” He sits by as I post this morning. He said quietly, “me too.”  One day I hope to be able to play it on the guitar.

This is a part of Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday Post.  “SONG”  What is your favorite song and why?  I have many of course for different reasons.  This is my favorite worship song.


3 thoughts on “Sanctuary

  1. This is lovely, Jennifer. I am familiar with the tune but not the song sung here. No wonder you love it and sung as lullaby over your infants. To have your son appreciating it too must make it extra special. One day, I am sure you will also master and play it on the guitar! So many songs are special to me too – probably too many to list – and each has a place in heart and mind for the way it enhances my walk with God. Thank you for sharing yours 🙂 xx


  2. Such a reminder that we are, in fact, everyday, living sanctuaries for God. We are at times, the place others can run to and experience His love and mercy, His hands and feet.


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