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My God Sized Dream of 2013 is to start a Moms in Prayer group for our son’s elementary school.  We have been in this neighborhood for one year now.  We moved from Kansas to Florida.  In Kansas there would have been a Moms in Prayer group held in my neighborhood that I would have slipped into…participated in, and I am sure been blessed by.  Moving here, we had to start over.  Find new friends, adjust to a new school, find a church, adjust to new jobs, etc.  My friend in Kansas suggested I find a Moms in Prayer group here.  Our oldest son is in the 1st grade.  Our younger son a preschooler.  I looked for a group, and there wasn’t one here at all.  My challenge, and my God Sized Dream is to start one…

I would so much rather be a member than lead!  I am a natural introvert.  This is a big stretch for me.  I like to be involved, but not me the leader!  I am a young mom…I wanted to be a part of a group with older, wiser moms, moms who have more experience…life under their belts.  So far God is crafting this journey in surprising ways.

Our neighborhood was rezoned to a new elementary school so the lack of mom friends in our present school may be a stepping stone to new moms I am meant to meet at our new school in the opposite direction from our house.  God does that to me.  He has me move.  I don’t like moving!  I adjust though, I grow, and we as a family learn to adapt.  Please join me in praying for moms to pray for their children…WITH other moms.  It can be a lonely journey.  It need not be.  I have two mom friends that I have asked to join me in this journey…neither one has fully committed yet.  God is working on our hearts.  I pray for our boys every day.  It is a rough world we live in, and the friendship stuff is all ready tricky in first grade!  Sometimes the drama spills over into the parents!  I try to hard to so Christ to our family, and I know I fall short. 

Dear Lord,

O Lord, may Your hand sustain us; may Your arm strengthen us.  (Psalm 89:21)  May Your Word breath life into our prayers, our hearts, and into our dreams.  May we be patient with redirection.  Help us to crush the stumbling blocks with the hammer of Your Truth so that we may smile and take joy in this life today.



Moms in Prayer International is:

  • Two or more women who meet regularly to pray for their children, their schools, their teachers and administrators.
  • Mothers, grandmothers or anyone who is willing to pray for a specific child and school.
  • Moms who believe that prayer makes a difference.
  • A nonprofit, donation-supported ministry in 140-plus countries.


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2 thoughts on “Moms in Prayer

  1. I’ve never heard of Moms in Prayer but I think that’s an amazing idea!


  2. Be patient. What you value will come. You are where you are suppose to be.


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