Woven Women

Nature Weave

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Women are woven together in a special way.  We like to talk.  We like to share our emotions, and we often converse around the same topics.

Yesterday I had a very special day with women.  I met my mother at McDonald’s for a drop of our younger son.  My mom was sweet enough to watch our son so that I could attend an end of the year brunch for Community Bible Study.

Our CBS group is filled with ladies of different ages.  We met for a big pot luck brunch “sharing day.”  We recapped the year, had time to share our own sentiments, and broke bread with our ladies.  These ladies we met in the fall were once strangers, and now they feel like mothers, sisters, and grandmothers to me.  Women woven together in God’s Word.

Then, I returned to my mom to pick up our son.  I was woven in her womb for such a time as this.  Now, years later she is a grandmother.  She and our little son created a box of written slips of paper…simple.  “Things I love about my mom.”  Our nearly 4 year old son created a dozen or so reasons he loves me and my sweet mom wrote them down placing them into a plastic box for me.  Words yet again are woven.  Women woven together.

Later yesterday, I played with our children, and our new neighbors emerged from their house.  The mom, the daughter, and el abuelo (“the grandfather”) rushed out to play and talk with us.  The mother and her father are from Cuba.  In English and Spanish we talked, and I feel so blessed that they are our new neighbors.  We are moms…woven women.

Throughout Exodus the Bible speaks of woven linen…Exodus 36:8

[ The Tabernacle ] All those who were skilled among the workers made the tabernacle with ten curtains of finely twisted linen and blue, purple and scarlet yarn, with cherubim woven into them by expert hands.
Expert hands weave.  I am not a weaver, but I do believe I am a part of the tapestry God calls into being a part of community.  Christ weaves people together in magnificent ways.  Women have entered my life through the years…some stay close knit.  Others are torn away due to friction, moving, or frailty of the relationship.
Dear God,
May we weave ourselves into relationships with others according to your direction.  Guide us into the perfect patterns that you design.  Help me to be understanding of others.  Give me eyes to see your purpose in the people that I meet and come alongside today and everyday. 



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