Have You Eaten Today?

I wake early.  I don’t eat breakfast right away.  I make a cup of hot tea with honey and sometimes a splash of almond milk.  My Spiritual food awaits me at my desk area.  I daily start with reading some of God’s Word.  I love it!  Have you eaten today?

Image from Pinterest (Instagram)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Speak to us today.  Help us open your Word.  Break into the bread of your Bible…a living book that speaks to our hearts.  May each of us find the scriptures that feed our souls.  Make us crave your Word daily.  Help us draw closer to you…not only on special occasions: weddings, funerals, Christmas, and Easter, but each and every day.  May we seek sunrises with You and see your glimmers of grace in the words of the Bible.




3 thoughts on “Have You Eaten Today?

    1. Thank you for stopping by to read and pray with me! I stopped over to your blog too! 🙂 Sweet words on words.


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