Wednesday Wake Up

So true. How Can You Hear Yourself With All That Noise?

Found this for my Faith Board on Pinterest.  Photo Credit to Danny

I find myself so eager to pop out of bed each morning.  I am a true morning person.  I am a natural introvert.  I love the quiet time.  It is my time with God, my time to browse social media, and check my emails.  I also enjoy working out, getting chores done, and relaxing in stillness with my hot tea before the world rushes in.  What are your mornings like?  If you desire something different consider joining me for Hello Mornings.  Summer sign ups are happening starting April 26th for a start date of May 6th.  Twitter and Facebook groups for accountability, friendship, and fellowship in God’s Word.  Enjoy some quiet today!  You will hear HIM! 

p.s. I will be leading a Twitter group @graceglimmers this summer!



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