Work Hard, Play Hard

Today is my husband’s 35th birthday.  He is my inspiration for today’s post.  He knows how to work hard and play hard.  As a tribute to my sweet spouse…here are 35 things I love about you:

1. I tend to be serious, and you tend to be calm in all situations.

2. You listen when I need to be heard.

3. You make jokes and act playful daily, keeping us young at heart.

4. You rise early even though you would prefer to sleep in to work hard for our family.

5. You make your best effort to be home before dusk and dine with our family daily.

6. You pray over our dinner and show our boys how to have “restaurant behavior.”

7. You know how to play video games splendidly…a skill which our sons admire and enjoy. Playing “bideo games” with daddy, as Bryan likes to say, is a special way for you all to end your days.

8. You are a the hottest pool boy in town.

9.  You help me kick back on the couch every now and again with a dessert AND a television show.

10.  You have shown me the love of movies out of my genres accompanied by our shared Coke and a popcorn for many a date night.

11.  We have been able to save enough money to travel to a some pretty amazing places.  Your financial focus is driving us to future vacations for our family.  Yeah for playing in new places!

12.  You wash my car and clean it out far more often than I ever would.  Plus, you allow the boys to play with you and work side by side on car detailing.

13.  You walk with me.  Exercise isn’t your favorite, but you are willing to get out there with me and with the boys to be a good example and strive to be healthy while having fun!

14.  You have taught me to humor myself a bit more.

15.  You are patient with me when I seek perfection, you accept the now…the real life…the messes.

16.  You photograph moments like this…


17.  You pause in your father/son play time to allow me to take a photo like this…


18.  You believe in and buy me my dreams…

19.  A video camera when were dating one Christmas (guess we didn’t realize that VHS-C stuff would be dwarfed by today’s digital downloads).

20.  A guitar for my birthday one year (it collects dust most days, but I really do hope to learn to play)

21. A marathon running buddy gift one Christmas (you ran and still run with me because I love it…you have shared this hobby with me)…we did 26.2 Miles in Salt Lake City on his birthday…April 23, 2005.

22.  You know my lucky number and make our passcodes memorable.

23.  You play the ipod songs of Jimmy Buffett, Zac Brown Band, Queen, and Phillip Phillips…you load them, play them, and we listen and enjoy…oh do we enjoy!

24.  You burn CDs for our car and to share with friends…again a fun talent that I don’t have.

25.  You play on the water in the Genoe with our sons just like my father did with me & my sister.

26.  You have been patient with me over the years in the cooking arena as well…I’ve come a long way since our newly wed days of “Lemon Chicken.”  (p.s. We still don’t ever bake or order anything with lemon and chicken paired).

27.  You love the beach as much as I do.

28.  We can watch mindless television and dramas…enjoying both again spending time in the others’ genres.

29.  You have taught me how to move.  From the girl who never moved in her whole life until she left for college, you taught me how sometimes it is in the journey that you grow, learn, and experience other parts of our country.

30.  You pray with me and with our children.  We do love the “silly prayers” from time to time too.

31.  You are the barber, lawn guy, accountant, and mechanic for our home.  We save a lot of added expenses because you are willing to work hard at home as well.

32.  You know how to treat and tolerate women.  Having good parents and three amazing sisters, you have forever been shaped.  You never ceased to amaze me with your intuition and perseverance through my emotional roller coasters.

33.  You are an “unconquered” Seminole spirit like me.  We dream big…together.

34.  You are a sweet son and son in law…I get to watch you interact with your father and my parents on a regular basis.

35.  Forever and ever amen.

It was easy for me to take this “do what you can” step for your God-sized dream…Take some time to play.  I do something creative every day… 

We snap pictures.

I have built Pinterest boards (5,207 pins and counting).

I made a craft yesterday (Earth day crayons with our son from a Pinterest board…Check!)

I read daily (fiction, non-fiction, and especially my Bible).

I baked a treat (blueberry muffins last night for breakfast this morning).

We wrestle with our kids.

Now what energizes you? It can be related to your God-sized Dream in some way or totally different. Sometimes along the way to our dreams we just need a little time to play. It helps us keep going and reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously. Share about what you did in a post and link it up here.


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