Where is My God?

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I was browsing my Pinterest “Faith” board for an image and quote to share on my blog today.  Clicking the image it took me to my friend’s blog!  I love how God connects me to my faith community.  Michelle Woods was a mom I met through a small group in Kansas.  We now live in Florida, but she is still a part of my faith community!  I have stayed connected to friends of the past and met new friends of the present through blogging and social media.  God is so interesting how He works.  I pray that you see or feel God today in nature, through people, and through prayer with Our Father.

Where is God?  Many ask that question when there is hurt and pain.  I, too, ask that question at times.  However, through His Word I grow in strength knowing that He is all around me.  He is the Alpha and the Omega.  He is our Prince of Peace.

p.s. Since I have a special new follower of my blog who is blind.  The text in the image I shared today are as follows:  When you are tired, draw strength from God.  When you are speechless, talk to God.  When you feel alone, look around, God is there.  –author unknown


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2 thoughts on “Where is My God?

  1. I never find it difficult to find God when I WANT to find God. I may have a lot of difficulty discerning God’s “rationale” (WHY something is happening, HOW God is working, WHAT God is or isn’t doing), but God’s gifts of one kind or another are usually apparent.

    When I am very weighed down with depression, it’s much more difficult though. This is when community is so vital. And yet times of depression are usually the most difficult times for even being in community with others.


    1. Jennifer Cook 2013-04-17 — 12:10

      Your insights ring true! Finding God is easy when we look for Him, and finding community with others is too. However, it takes our effort to find that too. One day at a time. The Son comes up each morning! Rejoicing in His power to change our hearts and those around us.


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