Here. Thankful.

As a follow up to my post from yesterday, our son has “growing pains.”  He and I slept solidly last night.  No wake ups.  No tears.  The doctor yesterday was wonderful.  A new one who listened, was timely, and answered all my questions while contributing her own thoughts and care/concern.

She even called later in the day with a further follow up question about his milk consumption.  (He drinks the right amount.) 🙂  We all puzzle over the “practice of medicine.”  It truly is a practice.  No one is perfect.  No perfect moms.  No perfect kids.  No perfect doctors.

We are all on this journey.  Thank you for those of you who commented yesterday on my post.  It felt so nice to know I wasn’t alone in my fears.  Worry.  My husband was sweet as well yesterday.  Usually he does the work thing, and I do the mom thing at home.  We are truly a team don’t get me wrong, but sometimes we all have to do “our roles.”  Thankfully yesterday’s doctor’s appointment for Bryan fell right at lunch time.

Daniel joined Bryan and I there.   The boys played together…happily.  I felt calmer.  I organized my notes, and we talked with the doctor together.  God gifted us with so many things to be thankful for.  Each of us has something.

Here, today, I am thankful for…

“growing pains” that do not mean a terrible disease,

days to play with my sons and be thankful they are happy and healthy,

time with my husband who remains steadfast and silly when the situation dictates,

friends (in real life) and online that cover you with prayer when you need it,

and thankful that I rest in Him.  He calms me with his Spirit and covers me with His love.




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