Here. Worried.


Here.  I am awake thinking of this…our son.  He woke again in the night, crying, with leg pain.  We have been to the doctor, we have prayed, we had done the blood work.  This mom intuition tells you something is wrong.  My child is not well.

I’ve always told other moms to trust their “mommy intuition.”  As a speech therapist I know early intervention is key to helping children unlock their communication potential.  Our son Bryan was one of those who needed early intervention.  I was the mom.  I didn’t want to be the speech therapist.  We got early intervention, found out he had fluid in his ears, ear tubes, viola, more talking. 

Now, he seems healthy…not sickly.  But, his height has been declining in percentile rank.  His Body Mass Index (BMI) is normal.  The pediatricians aren’t worried.  But this mom is.  We saw a nutritionist.  She was concerned.  Our picky carb loving son wasn’t getting enough calories.  We boost that.  We wait.  Leg pain.  Blood work.  Low Iron.  Time.

Leg pain is back.  I ask for your prayers.  Here.  We moms lay awake at night praying for our children, snuggling them when they are sick, and much of the world sleeps.  I’m grateful for social that I could hop on Facebook and TWO other mom friends were right there with me at 2 a.m. talking with me.  He speaks to my heart too.  He says…

May God reveal to you His constant presence. He has promised to never ever forsake you (Heb. 13:5). 

p.s. Thank you @Soulstops

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10 thoughts on “Here. Worried.

  1. A taxing thing – worrying and fretting – without it also being about your kiddos. I pray the Lord strengthen you and give you and your docs insight and wisdom into this situation and that your son will be able to communicate key words to unlock the mystery of this pain.

    Have you looked into spine events? Like pinched nerves or such?

    Hope to hear good news soon.



    1. Jenn,
      Thank you so much for your prayers. I slept solidly last night as did our son. We are always praying for insight aren’t we? The doctor gave him a thorough exam yesterday and listened and answered all my questions. I think sometimes we worry TOO little or TOO much. I err on the side of TOO much, but I am thankful that God calms my BIG heart and says, “I’ve got this.” “I will show you the way.” Our son it totally healthy other than these isolated (once a month) events of crying in the night with shin pain. The doctor said if it were really an issue the pain would be more persistent by day, more frequent, etc. Of course we will watch and wait. We all need time to grow right!? 🙂 Jennifer


    1. Amy-
      This is exactly what the doctor told us yesterday. She was our second opinion doc. We saw a previous doc about this about a month ago. Blood tests were done, but that doctor never reviewed the results in person with me. Yesterday, new pediatrician did. My worries are calmed. Sometimes you have to go through the motions of talking about your fears and having someone reassure you why not to worry. I also wanted to have my concerns documented so that if there are more events we have markers in time to go off of. Thanks for your prayers mom to mom! Jennifer


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