Mom Monday–The Kid’s Bathroom Edition

So I met Stephanie on Twitter.  She hosts a blog called Somewhat Simple.  Recently, she put a request out for Spoonful by Disney topics.  Mom stuff…kid stuff.

I took some pictures on the topic of Kid Bathrooms.  I love our kid bathroom!  We moved into our house in central Florida last year.  We live near Disney, but ironically our children have not been yet!  We intend to take them, but we want them to be old enough to truly enjoy it and remember it.  Our bathroom is not Disney themed, but it does center around one of our favorite places…the beach!

First, a glimpse into who this bathroom is for…our two boys…


Bryan, Age 3, loves to put on his own temporary tattoos.  All you need is a little water, a tattoo, and viola…creativity at work!

Our older son…


Addison, Age 6, He is our creator…here, a castle, but in the bathroom…water disaster CEO…he has flooded two bathrooms in his short career.  My post on my old blog: Dennis the Menace is Alive and Well salutes his efforts.

Now, as to the design of our boys bathroom.  It is simple.  We boy moms do that.

When we moved into our new home last year the house was two odd colors…sage green and warm orange.  Not my first pick on colors, but they are very neutral actually and quite calming.  In the boys’ bathroom the walls are orange, and I wanted a beach theme.  I have evolved this over time.  Here’s what it looks like now…


In out bathroom I have displayed a beach painting I bought for my husband before we had children, and recently I added fish watercolor painting made by our boys at their respective schools (in the same week…what a God blessing)!  On their counter I displayed paintings they made with acrylics on canvas of fish from last year’s art night at my son’s school.  These were on display on shelves in the family room…I moved them in here.  I added a glass bowl filled with shells we have collected, and then recently filled a galvanized yellow bucket with all their bath toys.

So whether you’re “Finding Nemo” or finding your kids for a bath…this space works for us and it’s fun.  It combines the kid’s art into the design of this room.  It is after all their room.  I like making our house pleasing to adult and kid eyes.

Now, switching topics…

What do your kid’s toy rooms look like?  That is my next project!  Please leave me a comment; connect me to your blog!  Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your own mom moments!


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