Life is Not Forever

Yesterday I posted about my mother in law who died of cancer.  I had many hits from the cancer tag.  I am heading to a race this morning in central Florida.  It’s called G8 to Don8, and 8K road race for organ donation.  Are you a donor?  Why or why not?  Send me a comment! 

If you want to become a registered donor in your state: click here.

If you are outside the USA, your organ donation policy may likely be different.  Is it even possible in your country?  I’m curious.

Life is NOT forever.  I know I can die on any given day, and if I do I’m proud to say that my driver’s license says in red letters “ORGAN DONOR.”  My family also knows my wishes.  Why do I want to be a donor?

One of my childhood friends had a heart condition from birth.  She had a heart transplant from an unknown donor, and her parents each gave a lobe of their lungs for her to have new lungs as well.  She lived to see a few more special years of her life.

My mother in law died of cancer.  She donated her corneas onto a baby…who God willing sees beautifully through her eyes today…7 years later…that baby would be the age of one of our own sons.

My 1st grade son attends a public elementary school.  There is a teacher there who had a daughter last year with a rare heart condition.  The community rallied around this family after their daughter had a heart transplant in July 2012.  Today, their family will kick off the race I’m heading to.  This baby is a miracle. 

God made our intricate bodies.

They are not forever.

Why not share the gifts of grace with others? 

When I’m dead, I don’t need those organs any more…that’s what I explained to our sons.

Kids can understand it too.  Do you?


2 thoughts on “Life is Not Forever

  1. Awesome cause! I am a donor! We encourage our students as juniors/seniors to think about becoming donors too. No pressure to do it, but just something for them to think about. So many lives are saved because of organ donation!! Hope you had an awesome race<3


    1. Veronica-
      I learned about organ donation in high school when a friend of mine had a transplant. It is a very special decision to make. I had an awesome run! I ran the 8k (5 miles) in 48 minutes! I was super pleased with 10 minute miles! It was a beautiful day to race, and I finally met the baby I mentioned above. Her dad pushed her in the 5k…we finished together!


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