After Pain Comes Promise

Writing on the word “After” today along with Lisa Jo Baker and Five Minute Friday friends (click icon above for more).  Lisa’s post inspired me to shoot an email to my sisters in law.

You see Lisa lost her mother at the age of 18 years, and my own sister in laws lost their mother in 2006.  One of my sister in laws was all ready a mother, and two of the others were hoping to be.  As was I.  After we found out Susan had cancer we wanted to share the gift of life with our own families and with her.  My husband Daniel and I had a five year plan…

After we found out she had stage 4 bone cancer we prayed, talked, and decided to try to start having children right away.  Everything we read about her form of cancer said she would have a few months.  Two of my sister in laws and I became pregnant.  One sister in law miscarried.  It seems that the pain continued.

However, Susan continued to fight.  She did radiation, chemo, and experimental medications.  She lived about one year, and she was able to meet our son.  One month after his birth she died.  She donated her corneas.  Her life went on.  She did not get to meet all of her grandchildren…five more have been born since her death. 

After the pain comes promise.  The promise of new life.  Pain on earth is temporary.  His love endures forever.  Whenever we see a butterfly, I tell the children it is Grandma Susan paying them a visit.  I believe God sends us reminders, glimmers of grace, and in Him we take flight!





8 thoughts on “After Pain Comes Promise

  1. These are precious thoughts that bring tears to my eyes. Susan sounds like she left her family with memories of love and caring for one another. What a special legacy to give her grandchildren.


    1. Deborah,
      Susan was absolutely an amazing mother! She left a legacy no doubt…she was an avid reader, knitter, baker, cook, and had a love for nature. We miss her. Thank you for your sweet comment!


  2. The butterflies caught my eye. I have made butterflies like those.
    Beautiful thoughts. And a beautiful reminder of God’s ability to give “glimmers of grace” as we need it.


  3. wow life can be incredibly hard sometimes. Yet we do have those promises in God and He is very faithful. Love your header photo!!


    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love that my husband took this photo…it represents my finest blessings! Hope you have a wonderful day discovering your own glimmers of grace amidst the hard times!


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