Seeing the Light in Dark Places

I awake in the dark, but now I see the light.  Each morning I wake before my family in order to spend some quiet time with the Lord.  Check emails, social media, etc.  This morning I received and email from my sweet sister.  She was giving and Easter update on her family:

I hope you are all doing well as we prepare for this Easter Sunday. I hope that it is a time of renewal for your walk with Christ, one where you rediscover again just what it means that Jesus paid the price for you. We had a wonderful Good Friday at church which did exactly that for me as I prepare my heart and this house for the Joy which Sunday brings.  It’s hard for an almost 3 year old not to get excited about egg hunts, bunnies, and candy, but it warms my heart to know when I ask him what Easter is about that he is old enough to respond Jesus is Alive! And tell strangers at Taco Bueno that tonight.

I had the privilege of spending a week with my sister and our children last week over spring break.  Seeing our faith journey as mothers, sisters, and wives is so fascinating…we are alike and so different.  Our common core is a faith in Jesus thanks to an early introduction by our own parents.  If you do not know Jesus, please find a Bible and a church so that you can learn more.  He is a game changer.

This morning I read from John 20…The Empty Tomb, Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene, and Appears to His Disciples…

Again Jesus said “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” John 20:21  May you feel God’s peace of the Holy Spirit today and know that we are sent to reflect his love and share with others that He is Alive!  

Do you have a dark place?  Have you let the Lord be your Light?  He is everywhere…watch for his Glimmers of Grace.


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