Broken Hearted

Psalm 51:17

My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.
My spirit breaks daily.  I often do not want to show that side to others or to my God.  I see in this Psalm above though, that God will not despise a broken heart.  He loves us no matter what.  We will break.  We fall.  Our failings and sin are countless.  His Son came to save. 
Easter weekend is upon us.  I will relive this story at church, in the Bible, and in my heart.  Jesus was broken for us.  God’s heart broke for us.  His heart still breaks for us.  When I feel like I mess up or when others around me mess up.  Help me to have a heart of forgiveness…a heart of love.  Help me to gentle, kind, peaceful, and patient.  For it is when we are broken that we rise up to be healed.
Another Psalm in image…
This post was inspired by Lisa Jo Baker’s 5 Minute Fridays…for posts like these go to:

5 thoughts on “Broken Hearted

  1. Oh you speak such truth. My heart echoes the beautiful way you put yours into words. So thankful I stopped by from our dear Lisa-Jo today. May your Good Friday be full of reverent love and peace.


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