A Rule for Lent

A Rule for Lent (and all seasons)

Fast from criticism, and feast on praise;

Fast from self-pity, and feast on joy;

Fast from ill temper; and feast on contentment;

Fast from jealousy, and feast on humility;

Fast from *price, and feast on love;

Fast from selfishness, and feast on service;

Fast from fear; and feast on faith.

This little prayer poem was in our lenten devotional handed out at our church.  I loved it.  Thought it would be nice to share. In re-typing it here though I was baffled by the line “fast from price”…

price (dictionary.com)


1.  the sum or amount of money or its equivalent for which anything is bought, sold, or offered for sale.
2.  a sum offered for the capture of a person alive or dead: The authorities put a price on his head.
3.  the sum of money, or other consideration, for which a person’s support, consent, etc., may be obtained, especially in cases involving sacrifice of integrity: They claimed that every politician has a price.
4.  that which must be given, done, or undergone in order to obtain a thing: He gained the victory, but at a heavy price.
Definition 4 brings it home…we can not out give or out do God.  JESUS gained the victory at a heavy price, death, on the cross for us.  So, I will fast from price today.  I strive too hard.  I need not.  Jesus has claimed the perfection for me and God lavishly gave this GRACE to us today and always.  Open hearts for what the day will bring.  Life to the full.
Pink Azaleas in our neighborhood in central Florida, these always remind me of spring and Easter growing up as a child and now.

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