The past few days we have been digging in our garden.  We have these lily pad looking things (“silver dollar weeds”) growing throughout our flower beds and in our grass.  We weren’t too worried about them at first…

Now, they have spread, and we found out that they have to be hand pulled out of your flower beds.  But, weed killer can work on the lawn.  Time and money up next. 

I have been working on weeding the flower beds…these little suckers are deceptive.  On the surface they are green, shiny, and cute.  Little lily pad like things.  Underneath they are ugly, white, and rampant with root extensions that go on and on.  I have equated this experience to sin.  It looks okay on the outside…even pretty…or okay at times.  However, when you gently go to God, and he starts pulling it out…there are roots…that go on and on and deep.

I am discovering that sometimes when I go to the Father with sin, he slowly works on uprooting the sin and its causes from me through time, prayer, patience, and reading His Word.  I also read other books and blogs by Christian women.  Knowing I’m not the only gardener out there pulling “weeds!”

I also wanted to take a glimpse back into my old blog.  I found at this time two years ago, I was in the weeds grasping and counting God’s blessings to pull myself out of a pit of despair.  Ann Voskamp let me in on a little secret…if you count 1000 Gifts…your eyes open and you see God more clearly.  Upon closer examination while counting gifts we also have to look closely at ourselves asking for forgiveness, for redemption, and for grace when we become a nasty weed.

The Parable of the Sower may also be of interest to you for additional reading. 

Have a great weekend and go pull some weeds my sweet friends!

Water the Flowers - Not the Weeds

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One thought on “Roots

  1. “[Some sin] looks okay on the outside…even pretty…or okay at times.”

    Oh, I can totally relate to your statement. I am really going through a time of it now where I’m trying to have God “root out” some attitudinal sins. Did I think I was justified in having a bad attitude? Yes. Did that make it okay? No. [A little whimpering here…]

    I am not a happy camper now, but these things, like deceptively attractive weeds, have to go. It’s an unpleasant operation (whoda thunk I was so attached to such a sinful attitude), but I think once it’s over, I’ll feel a lot better.


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