Mom’s Getting a Massage!

The week is drawing to a close.  Friday.  Ahhh…Friday.

As the mom of two boys ages 3 and 6 years…our life is filled with lots of play, hugs, tickling, cleaning, and eating.  I fall hard to the pillow each night.  My husband and I try to find time to rest daily.  Usually it’s just a simple curl up together and watch some tv or talk in the evenings.  Today, my rest is special…

I get to go get a massage!  My mom and dad live close to us, so they graciously baby sit our boys from time to time.  Today, our older son will head to school, and I will go in with him for a meeting with the guidance counselor (gifted testing results)…then off to Winter Park, my home town to mom and dad’s house.  Dad will be at work, but mom is off.  Moms need time off.

My mom will watch our younger son, and I will head to a massage via a long wait.  You see when a mom needs a massage she can rarely get one (okay…a quick one from her spouse or herself isn’t the same).  A dedicated time set aside…a whole hour…for relaxing…that is good.  So, two weeks ago when my neck was aching from a bad night’s sleep, I tried to get a massage that week with my gift certificate…the lady was booked.  Other people are stressed too!

So…today is my day.  Stress release on a table…quiet music…kneading the knots.  I will use it as my quiet time to rest, relax, and pray.  I love time to do that.  We need that.  Sometimes the Sabbath can be found on a Friday…

Genesis 2:2

By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.
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