Firework Flowers

I have been admiring this flower with our children for weeks.  A group of broad leaf green plants was cut back a couple of months ago.  They were getting long and growing over the sidewalk at the front of our subdivision.  The yard men cut them back…boo.  I like wild things!  However, sometimes in cutting things back you get new growth.

Ta da….


A shoot of green grew out of the plant a few weeks ago, and day by day we have watched to see what it would become.  A “firework flower” bloomed!  That is what I named it.  I really do not know what it is.  I posted it to Facebook for friends to fill me in and posted it a plant nursery to see if they can tell me what it is so we can plant our own firework flowering plant in our yard!  Comment please if you know its real name!

Today, I encourage YOU to look for some glimmers of grace.  I took my camera to the bus stop.  Where do you go daily that you can see God winking at YOU?  Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts” prompts me to see God’s glory in every day places and count the gifts.


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  1. jenniferkcook 2017-03-01 — 20:02

    Reblogged this on graceglimmers and commented:

    The firework flowers have been pruned back again near our neighborhood. I found out their name is Crinum Lily. The lily family is an Easter flower family to me.

    When God came to Earth he came as a baby.
    He grew. He learned. He taught.

    He bled…and now we bleed.
    Literally, we women bleed…often.
    It is TMI for some, but it is the truth. I literally just had to get up and go change my feminine products because I had leaked through. Having a period monthly is not fun.

    Dying on a cross…that sounds way worse. I’ll accept the hard things in my life knowing that a man walked this Earth and died a death for me and for all of us to live eternally in Heaven. It seems far fetched. But, I believe. I believe that Jesus is Our Savior. He brings beauty out of blood. He brings pure white flowers to life. He cleans me up when my heart, mouth, or body may be unclean. Thank you Jesus for what you did long ago and for what you’re doing in our lives today.


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