Roller Coasters Define Reality


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The Manta is a roller coaster at Sea World Orlando.  Yesterday, my husband and I left our boys with a babysitter and headed to Sea World for some adult fun time.  We wanted to ride the roller coasters, and our children are not tall enough to do so yet.  Plus our oldest son is afraid of heights.  We discussed that he most definitely would NOT like these rides.

There is a concert series ongoing for a few weeks with Bands, Brews, & BBQ.  We wanted to check that out also.  So after Sunday worship at church…we went to spend the Sabbath in a very different way.  We road the Manta first.  Loved it.  It makes you feel like you are flying.  It goes fast, upside down, and has remarkable exhibits to look at while you wait in line.  We were some of the older people in line (mid 30s isn’t old), but it was more of a teens and 20s crowd yesterday.  We held on tight, and we laughed the whole ride!  I didn’t expect that…it brought out laughter and joy! 

Joy comes through pushing through fear sometimes.  Life is like that.  I am equating roller coasters to the story of Job and so many others…even my own.  God gives us ups and downs in life, in our marriages, and in our faith journey.  Sometimes we feel afraid and down, but other times we are filled with laughter, joy, and blessings.  We are all on “the ride” of life.  Are you going to relax and go with it?  I found that when I had faith that we wouldn’t fall out of the roller coaster, I enjoyed the ride. 

God is holding onto us just like those harnesses.  We must trust him, and then we know he will remain with us through the ups and downs.  Check out the Chapter of Job some time.  I have found it’s a good story to re-read.  That man could have given up and crossed over to Satan, but he stayed with the Father.  As a person who struggled a few years back with severe depression and anxiety, I can relate to Job.  I felt like I was losing everything, but I never gave up on God.  I knew he was with me the whole time, and he has brought me out of the pit into the sunshine.  Blessings often come after storms.  Our marriage is stronger today than a few years back. 

My husband and I had a beautiful day of riding rides and sitting down to hear Josh Turner sing songs about love and the Lord.  It was remarkable to hear him sing songs, some of which I had never heard, and how true the lyrics rang out.  Sometimes it’s good to go fast, press thru (like on a roller coaster), however, at other times its best to sit down, eat some BBQ, and listen to songs that praise the Lord.  I hope you find your own forms of fun in your faith journey.

My favorite song of yesterday (new to me) was Find Me a Baby by Josh Turner.

Give it a listen/look.


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