Running After Children

Running after children…this is a multiple meaning title:

1. I literally run after children during the day.  With two young boys who doesn’t?  Life as a boy mom is ever so interesting.

2. I am a runner.  I was a competitive runners in middle and high school…track and cross country.  I also ran one year on our college team as a walk-on athlete.  I continued to run in adult hood…road races, one half marathon (2004), and one full marathon (2005).  Then we started our family in 2006.  Running changed.

3.  Now, I am a runner in the third season of life so to speak.  Not on a team, not a road racer on a frequent basis, and I often only find time to run once or twice a week.  Despite the new year’s resolution of 2013 to run THREE times a week.  Life, sickness, and running partners who became pregnant and injured have hindered me. 

“No excuses do the work.”  –Coach on the movie “RUDY”  I recently re-watched this movie on TV.  Awesome story.  Tear jerker and inspiring, Rudy is me.  I am not built like a runner per se…I have to work really hard to be good at it, but I love it.  It is something that is ME.

Why do you run (or exercise)?

How do you fit it in as a mama?

Please leave me a comment (and some encouragement…hint hint).  I will visit your blog and do the same…promise.

Off to join a new meet-up group of people for a run near my house.  Real runners run in the cold, dark, at odd times…in odd ways…with odd people.  God is so interesting!  Look forward to who he has for me to meet and run with today!

1 John 1:7

“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son purifies us from all sin.”  Blood is yucky.  Running is yucky…you hurt, sweat, and it takes energy, passion, and a willingness to do it.  Thank you Jesus for dying for my sins.  I am far from perfect, and your Word reminds me of your continual Grace and of the Father who sent you for me and others.  Go be a light friends!  Run on!

Also, hoping to join this as a blogger:  

Alarm just went off though…5:30 a.m…off to get dressed and run this hot mom body!

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