Homeless Hearts

Living in central Florida we are surrounded by many people.  We have lived in the suburbs of Atlanta and Kansas City during our married years, but Central Florida is home to me.  It is where I was born.  Wednesday was an ordinary day.

I had a homeless man appear by my car side window as I drove away in the Wal-mart parking lot on Wednesday afternoon…Wednesdays are when little Bryan and I go to our weekly Community Bible Study gathering with CBS Orlando.  This week was “brunch day.”  So I happened to have leftover banana muffins in my car as well as the mostly empty egg casserole dish.  Seeing the homeless man and his dog prompted me to roll down my window and pass those muffins on.

Muffins.  Ordinary muffins.  I had plenty at home so I thought I’d share with my friends at CBS.  Those friends have plenty.  This man, skinny, teeth odd, unshaved, in hot clothing for the warm day, and with his dog and a small chalked sign…homeless…not so much.

His homeless heart smiled with warmth when I handed over the ordinary muffins.  I told him “banana muffins.”  He replied, “wonderful, I have have never had a banana muffin.”  In my head I pondered as we drove on…”He’s never had a banana muffin?!?!  Really?!?!”  In my blessings upon blessings, I can quickly forget that the rotten bananas that I turn into muffins are a blessing.  Even if no one in the family but me was eating them this week.

I saw Christ in an ordinary Wal-mart parking lot.  Our 3 year old son watched from the back seat.  He didn’t say a word…perhaps he didn’t notice.  We do this sort of thing a lot.  As a mom of two boys we always have food of some sort in the car.  We know we are blessed to be a blessing, and we love when we can share the love of Christ, his grace, his blessings with homeless hearts that we pass by.

Homeless hearts are hungry just like mine.  May we feel His presence today.  May it fill us up to overflowing in order to share our gifts with others.  This post was inspired by Bigger is Not Better from a Twitter friend I follow named Joshua Becker.  His guest post was written by Jeff Shinabarger of Plywood People. He is the author of More or Less: Choosing a Lifestyle of Excessive Generosity. Also, Lisa Jo Baker, another Twitter friend inspires me to write on Fridays for 5 minutes…I never can follow that rule, but the writing takes 5 minutes or so…the editing about 15 minutes!

“The Lord will keep you from all harm–he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming & going both now and forevermore.” Psalm 121:7-8


2 thoughts on “Homeless Hearts

  1. I have a feeling your little man saw more from the back seat than you realize. Even if it isn’t today, what you did for that homeless gentleman will help shape the man your little boy will become. Your post was a blessing.


  2. Hi Jennifer
    Reading this makes me think of those words, “Lord, when did we see you hungry, thirsty, naked, sick or in prison?”. In South Africa we have PLENTY opportunities to take care of our Lord Jesus! Happy FMF and a blessed weekend with your delightful two men sitting next to you!
    Much love


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