Dreaming for Future Generations

Image from: William E. Bill Shemorry Photograph Collection

This man, Henry “Hank” Farver, was my mother’s father.  My grandpa Hank.  He and his wife Dora raised three children in a small farming town of Epping, North Dakota.  My mom, Maryln, and her siblings, Deb and Dale.  Hank worked at the grain elevator, and he and Dora never left North Dakota. 

They even purchased some land in North Dakota…for the future generations.  My mom tells me that her dad hoped the grandchildren would see some use from it…an investment.  Hank was a dreamer.  His dream produced mineral rights on the land he and his wife purchased.  Now, my mom, aunt, and uncle are heirs to oil money. 

Oil is “black gold” in the Dakotas right now.  There is a lot of drilling, and there is a lot of oil being pulled from the land of North Dakota.  God has fulfilled many dreams for many people with the prosperity coming from the cold and harsh landscape of North Dakota.  I have never lived in North Dakota, but I have visited there many times.  I still have family there on my mother’s side.  These North Dakota folks have hearts and wills stronger than most.  Their winters are so harsh, and yet they carry on, work hard, attend church, and raise future generations that mostly stay in small communities of North Dakota.

North Dakota people, my grandparents especially, are my inspiration for being a God-sized dreamer.  I don’t have aspirations of buying land to farm or leave as an inheritance for my children.  However, similar to them I do have aspirations for going to church to worship the Lord and teaching my children to do the same.  We pray for them.  Our sons are the future generation. 

I want to lead a Moms in Prayer group starting in the fall.  My grandparents prayed for their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  That is a legacy I want to leave for our boys. 

Faith fosters the future of our children.  This little church pictured below is where my parents were married on a hot August day in 1971.  Grandpa Hank gathered all the fans from throughout the town.  He was a hard worker.  He wanted his family and friends to feel comfortable.  He believed in the future, and he was a man of faith.  Thank you Hank and Dora for believing in God, working hard, and teaching my mom to do the same.  She and my dad have taught me how to be a woman of faith.

From: Epping, North Dakota web-site

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