“Fear neither the casting upon the waters, nor the settling upon the bed, for the ripples that are sent forth are merely the preparation for the journey that remains ahead.” Brenton Goldsworthy

I consider prayer a ripple effect.  In praying for others, we impact their lives and our own.  This image of ripples is beautiful.  In re-reading an old journal found in my bed-side table, I found this poem copied into the pages:

“Life’s Ripples” by Edwin Roworth

A tiny pebble idly tossed into the placid stream,

with gentle splash is sinks from sight

And not again is seen.

But outward from that central spirit

The circling ripples tend,

Who knows on what far distant shore

The spreading impulse ends?

And so it is with life itself,

A word we say–a deed we do

May take a moment of our time

And then be lost to view,

But ever onward it will go

And never lost shall be,

Until its widening mission done,

It joins infinity.

So I will no longer pray with a half heart or in a hurry, but instead pray with my whole spirit.  Tossing my “pebble prayers” into the stream of life is a blessing in that I can watch the ripples and keep casting prayers again and again.  My God sized dream is to have other women to pray with me in a Mom’s in Prayer group.  I know the ripples of prayer can be great for our children and families.

Psalm 37:6-9

The Message (MSG)

5-6 Open up before God, keep nothing back;
    he’ll do whatever needs to be done:
He’ll validate your life in the clear light of day
    and stamp you with approval at high noon.

Quiet down before God,
    be prayerful before him.
Don’t bother with those who climb the ladder,
    who elbow their way to the top.

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2 thoughts on “Ripples

  1. Thank you Jennifer, that is so true……….


  2. Really beautiful, Jennifer. This is a great reminder about the power of wholehearted prayer, and I enjoyed reading it!


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