Kissing Our Sons

“Kissing the Face of God” by Morgan Weistling

This caught my attention this morning as I browsed Pinterest…searching for God’s son…

Kissing the Face of God Christmas Card

Mary kisses the Son of God here, and I daily kiss our two little boys…our sons.  Yesterday, was a special day of holding and kissing.  Our three year old son had to have blood drawn.  I was not sure how this would go.  I didn’t tell him what was happening exactly until we were in the chair prepping for the event.  I held him in my lap, and I calmly told him “there will be a stick and they will suck some blood through tubes, kind of like a vacuum, to check your blood.” 

He didn’t say a word.  The ladies doing the draw were precise, calm, and worked as a team.  One lady held his little arm, one drew the blood, and I sat holding our son.  Our older son was there watching also.  He wanted to come to hold his little brother’s hand.  How sweet!  He actually sat in the chair across from his little brother (holding his ears in preparation for crying to come).

The crying never came.   Our son was remarkable yesterday; he bravely took that stick and watched 5 tubes fill with his blood.  He did not cry or speak.  Wow!  This mom was floored. 

Mary was likely shocked time and time again by Jesus’ behavior.  He was a walking miracle maker.  God in turn continues to come along side us as parents.  He knows our hearts, our struggles, and he gives us peace.  Sometimes the peace is more than we can imagine, but in kissing our sons…I know that I have kissed the son of God.  He is present in the lives of our sons.  He loves them, grows them, and does the same with me. 

No one wants pain for their child.  God did not want to put himself, His Son, onto that cross either.  However, blood is the life source, and it is critical to our care (spiritually and physically).  Blood has a new meaning for me today…we will wait for the results of these tests, trusting God.

Psalm 85:10

God’s love will come together with his faithful people. Goodness & peace will greet them with a kiss.
Addison, age 3, greeting his baby brother Bryan, with a kiss, June 2009
My husband and I “kissing” in our backyard, July 2012, Photo by Rochelle Williams Stone

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  1. graceglimmers 2013-06-08 — 10:20

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    Today is our oldest son’s 7th birthday. I will take the time to kiss our sons today. Kisses and love shared transform our relationships to point heavenward.


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