I’m not a baker.  It’s a confirmed fact.  I have tried again, and again my cookies and cakes fall flat.  Do you know why?

I do not like to follow recipes.  I like to do things fast, substitute stuff if I don’t have it in my pantry or fridge, and I don’t even measure precisely.  My chocolate chip cookies this week turned out flat, the cake I tried to make with my three year old also…flat.  Surely cream of tartar and baking powder aren’t that important?  Yes, yes they are.  Surely shortening can be substituted with grape seed oil.  No, no it cannot be. 

I realize the parallel between following the (cook)book and The Book.  If we follow God’s Word, The Bible, things go more smoothly.  If we go on our own instincts, act impulsively, or substitute things that we think are better than his recommendations…we fall flat. 

I may never be a talented baker, it is just not my talent.  I treasure the bakery at our grocery store.  They do it right.  I just do not like following cookbooks for some reason.  However, I do try my best to follow God’s Word, His book.  It’s a daily walk.  I do fall flat and fail.  But, He is forgiving, gracious, and understands our deepest needs.  His Word is living…thru us.

“And whom did God swear that they would never enter His rest if not to those who disobeyed?” Hebrews 3:18 

The trend of today’s culture is to do it on your own strength, your own plan, and tolerate substitutions.  I’m going to go with the Author of Creation, study His stories, and enter His rest.  I want to obey in order to not fall flat.  Are you following His recipes? 

I have many pins on my Pinterest “Cooking and Baking” Board.  I added this one this morning.  I will keep trying homemade cookie recipes, but for now…I’m a total sucker for store bought dough or cookies from REAL bakers.  Sometimes you have to trust those who do it for a living.  God gifts us each with talents, and mine is not baking.  However, I do enjoy baking with my kids, and this link below talks about that…


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