Sometimes You Just Need Some Glue


Hebrews 11:6 “Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.”

This morning I sat and read my day’s lesson for Community Bible Study…Hebrews 3:7-11.  My Bible that I had been using was in our master bathroom, and I try not to wake my husband or children without noise or rustle…it’s 5 a.m. people.  So, I got my old NIV Student Bible off the shelf in the toy room, and it was funny…it is falling apart.  I have never had a Bible fall apart until today.  I got the Elmer’s glue out to zip a little squirt along the pages that popped out.  Do you throw old Bible’s away?  Absolutely not…they are full of history, of use, of His Love.

Sometimes you just need some glue.  We fall apart too.  I’m a striver.  I try to do everything well.  Or, at least I used to.  Now, I’ve matured a bit, and I realize that things fall apart, people fall apart, but there is always glue.  God can piece us back together.  His Word is my glue.  I find it fascinating that I have been reading the Bible since I was a child, and it is still new to me.  I rediscover pieces that I missed, or re-read sections that mean something different to me now.

Now, I follow other women on Twitter, like pages on Facebook, and browse others’ blogs.   However, these Christian women are not Christ.  I always try to keep that in perspective, and the sweet words of Sally Clarkson reassured my soul today as I read a chapter from “Desperate…” Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breath.   She reminded me that I need to develop my own formula…do what calls ME to do.  Page 33…”Every family’s puzzle will be different.  We can only please God if we listen to His call on OUR lives.  EACH of us has a different personality, different strengths and limitations, and different passions and stewardships.  God gives us great freedom to exercise wisdom and authority in order to rule over our lives and make them productive for OUR OWN families.”  (emphasis/capitals mine).

Our own families need glue.  We break.  God can always glue us back together through His grace, our prayers, fellowship with other believers, and doing one day at a time.


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