Praying More and Seeing Change

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This is an update on my God-sized dream.  I mentioned on a previous post that I wanted to start a prayer group for women in our community to pray for our children and schools through Moms In Prayer International.  I have navigated their web-site and signed up to be a leader.  Of the 129 schools in our county only 14 have prayer groups presently meeting.  So, I picked up the three that our boys will attend…the elementary, middle, and high school. 

I want to include moms of different ages in our group so that we can pray for one another, mentor each other, and encourage one another.  We are raising up our children to know their neighbors by name…just as we know God knows each of us by name.  This is one more way to build community and strength in my life.  We are coming up on one year of living in our new house, and slowly I feel like we are meeting our neighbors more intimately.

Our house is built on prayer.  I pray every morning when I wake up for almost an hour usually…I’m a weird super early riser.  Thank you GOD!  It is my time to focus, pray, and read.  I’m really trying to pray more versus jumping up to my office/computer so fast just to check in on Twitter (graceglimmers), Facebook, and Pinterest!  I do love some social media/me time! 

What I’ve found over the last few weeks though is a truly changed calmness in myself, my husband, and our kids thanks to more prayer.  My husband gets stressed with lots of hours and issues at work.  He’s had a long overdue week of quietness at work.  I prayed for this.  Our three year old didn’t want to go to Mother’s Morning Out this morning…I prayed with him and talked about how God can take our sadness away and give us a great day!  He reluctantly entered his class today, and I look forward to hearing how his day at school went. 

God is hearing the cries of my heart, and I am so thankful.   Now, please join me in praying for this Moms in Prayer group that is budding in my heart.  Pray that others will join me on this journey.  So far, I do no have any takers.  But, there is plenty of time.  I plan to start next fall in the new school year when our youngest will be in preschool and our older son in 2nd grade. 

I am praying for Christian women that I know and don’t know to come to my house and pray weekly in the fall of 2013.

I’m praying for God to open my mouth when it is appropriate to share this dream.  (I’m a natural introvert.)

I’m also thanking God for a community of online women who also dream with God’s vision in mind.  His plans are so intricate and special.  We are but instruments waiting to play our songs.

   Romans 12:12

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
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5 thoughts on “Praying More and Seeing Change

  1. What an awesome and powerful God-sized dream! Keep up the great work–I can’t wait to see what God does through this dream of yours!


  2. This is a beautiful vision. And I love that your step takes you straight to His feet. Prayer is a powerful thing!


  3. Love to hear the things you are intentionally praying about! I looked up to see if my son’s school had a prayer group meeting and to my surprise they did! So I just signed up to get more info.Thanks for mentioning this!


  4. I know God will move! I was thinking of joining or starting the same type prayer group, but maybe next year. I think it would be amazing to see the difference in our children’s lives and our school’s if they were consistently covered in prayer!
    Thanks for the visit over at my place, I’m a little nervous to AC on HM, so thanks for the encouragement! I’ll be following you on Twitter as well 🙂


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