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This quote totally sums up a life as a boy mom.  We have two young boys, and they constantly put me into the position of taking risks.  I take risks because THEY take risks.  It is wonderful.  I am so glad to be the mother of boys.  My husband thinks I’m crazy at times, and always smiles when they do odd/off the wall things saying, “you wanted boys!”  Yes, yes I did.  Thank you God for hearing that prayer.

Our two boys and I share daily adventures.  I’m blessed to be a stay at home mom.  Yesterday, was no exception.  We started the day with an experimental egg and spinach casserole…you know a friend gives you a recipe, and you totally doctor it up with things that are in your fridge.  It turned out excellent…for me.  The kids wouldn’t touch it.  So, we made chocolate chip pancakes for them.  My oldest, age 6, ate them and so did I.  Our youngest just watched.  He is a super picky eater…only crunchy carbs, peanut butter, milk, and water.  We’ve read books, articles, and been to the doctor and a nutritionist.  It’s an ongoing journey.  But back to more fun adventures of yesterday…

After the messy kitchen clean up…usually we just do cereal or bagels for breakfast, we played.  The boys made an extravagant indoor fort.  Then, a plumber came to fix our forever leaky toilet.  He was working for 2 hours so we ventured outside to play.  Sprinkler time, bike riding, and drive way picnic.  After the plumber left, we took a very special trip to Sea World.  We have annual passes since we live in central Florida.  It was only our second visit to the park, and the first time I had taken to them to a theme park without my husband.  They had strict instructions to stay close to me and listen since it was just me with them.  We had a great time, they DID listen, and we explored parts of the park we had never seen before and a return trip to the Happy Harbor, their favorite stop in the park. 

Happy Harbor was a HUGE risk…it’s an outdoor wonderland of nets, boats, water, rides.  I had the boys team up and return for check ins with me, and I watched each area they played in.  I prayed they would not get lost.  They didn’t.  God watches over children, and little boys with special care I truly believe.  We completed the trip with special snacks, and then headed home in the I-4 traffic just before rush hour.  It was a success!  We CAN do it again!  Hooray!  Score one for the home team.  On to today, for more risky business.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.







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