My God Sized Dream for 2013

Isaiah 45:3 “I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.”

A year ago, I was crawling out of the darkness of depression.  I had my family, close friends, and professionals by my side.  It was a HARD journey, and I did not like the dark places of 2010-2011.  My husband endured a road that many husbands would never have walked.  Most would have run or walked away.  He stood strong, prayed with me, held me, and we waited for time to heal, medicines to work, counsel to occur, and postpartum anxiety and depression to pass.

I struggled with postpartum depression twice, both times after weaning our young sons.  God was with me both times though and provided His light through doctors, medicine, counsel, and most importantly the LOVE of friends and family.  Our boys are growing up, and I have become a better wife and mother after the struggles in the dark.  I bring my struggles into the light so that others can seek help, know that the Spirit prays for you when you cannot muster the words, and He truly can change minds, hearts, and bodies.

Our physical bodies need “the body” of Christ be strong.  I have found that the body of Christ can take interesting forms.  It is not always found in your church.  I have found supportive sisters in Christ online, in my neighborhood (ones who attend different churches), and through Bible study with other women.  God’s Word brings life.  Stay in it.

Staying in the Word is a must for me.  I find when I am not in the Word, I am weak.  Make time to meditate on His Word daily.  I am also praying through the Word on how to start a women’s prayer group for our neighborhood and school children.  My friend in Kansas leads a Moms in Prayer group and planted the seed that, I too, could do this in when I moved to Florida.  I want to open our home to women for weekly fellowship, prayer, and time in God’s Word.  This is my God sized dream.

I dream of a community that shares their joys and struggles transparently, with the confidence that we can pray for one another, our families, our neighbors, and our schools.  Teachers, staff, and students need our prayers.  In the wake of the bad news of years past, I believe our public schools still have HOPE.  God calls us by name and so to our children’s teachers.  Jesus came as a teacher.  The Holy Spirit is in us to pray.  The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost should be a part of daily lives as we seek to show LOVE.

Join me in sharing a God sized dream.  This idea was inspired by God-sized Dreams.  What do you plan to do in the new year?  Do you hear Him calling your name?  Have you prayed about it?  Let me know how to pray for you.  Leave me a comment.  Blessings as you see his Glimmers of Grace today and always.  Dream God-sized Dreams


7 thoughts on “My God Sized Dream for 2013

  1. I loved this. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂



  2. What a fantastic dream!! I trust God will complete the word He’s begun in you. Thrilled to journey alongside.


  3. I love the power of praying through scripture! Blessings as you move forward, rooted in truth, in your dream!


  4. Thank you for your courage in sharing your story! God will honor that!


  5. Community is such an awesome thing. Your life is completely different when you have someone to relate with. Thank you for sharing your God-sized Dream. God’s blessings for you and your family.


  6. Praying as you begin this journey to your God-sized dream!


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