Seven on Sunday

Thankful for this day of rest as we wake to a quiet household.  Thanks to my mom and dad for having our children sleep over at their house so Daniel and I could enjoy a date night and quiet evening/morning to ourselves.  We give thanks that my parents are so close to us now.

“Pure love is a willingness to give without a thought of receiving anything in return.” Peace Pilgrim quote on the Mary Englebreit calendar mom gave me for the new year.  My mother embodies this quote.  I learn so much from her.

Thankful for so many things today, but here’s the “Seven on Sunday” for this week:

1. Cloudy skies that remind me it really is winter

2. A wonderful date night last night with the man that never ceases to be a wonderful conversation partner.  We enjoyed a lovely dining experience at Panullos on Park Ave. and a fantastic movie, Les Miserables.  We stayed up until midnight…our youth is still in us.

3. Waking to a quiet house (even the cat got the sleep in peace memo)

4. A day of rest…nothing on our agenda today except family time

5. Cards next to me to write on…birthday wishes and anniversary wishes to send

6. Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest)…it has its place to connect us to people we know and don’t know that inspire us, encourage us, and make us smile

7. A new year…we have lived to see your Glimmers of Grace for yet another year.  Father, may we live out the purpose you have provided in our hearts and minds through your Spirit and Love.  May we be forgiving as you have forgiven us.


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