Gifts Hung, Held, Heard and Three Ugly Beautiful Gifts

This past weekend Daniel and I enjoyed a weekend away thanks to a weekend away in Gainesville, Florida.  I actually won a weekend stay at a bed and breakfast and several gift cards to local restaurants.  Thankfully my mom and dad watched our boys so Daniel and I could enjoy this weekend of adventure and rest.  Reflecting on the title today…

Gift hung…a whimsical rainbow wind chime that hung on the balcony of The Carriage House where we stayed at the Magnolia Plantation Inn.  

A gift held…my husband.  It was sweet to be able to snuggle with the love of my life by going to bed early and sleeping in late.  Holding your spouse is something we often take for granted.

A gift heard…the sounds of nature at Payne’s Prairie.  We took a hike in the state park and saw alligators and amazing birds.  It was beautiful to see a rustic side of Florida on a cool Saturday winter morning.

Three Ugly Beautiful gifts…hmm…that’s an oxymoron right?  I think the ugly beautiful things of this weekend would have to be the large alligators, piles of bison/horse poop, and brown prairie fields.  All evidence of God’s creation…seemingly ugly, but actually they are quite beautiful. 



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