Wild Days and Nights

As parents of two boys we have wild days and nights.  This past weekend was no different.  Friday night we had a special child spend the night with us so her mom could run an early morning road race.  We took the 3 kids to a the Winter Park Christmas parade.  It was a 2 hour event! 

Later on Saturday Daniel and Addison enjoyed their first camp out at the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford.  They enjoyed a camp fire, nocturnal animals (Did you know that scorpions glow under a black light?), and a rite of passage into man hood so to speak.  Bryan and I had our own special night, and Bryan camped out by the Christmas tree in the living room.  Sunday morning we had family time at the zoo.  It was super special.  Our favorite exhibit, the otters. 

Later on Sunday, we had the neat experience of seeing a Florida Black Bear in our neighbor’s back yard.  It found a frozen turkey in their garage fridge and feasted on it in broad day light.  Daniel enjoyed this as it was his first time seeing a bear in person, and he photographed it from afar.  Shortly after the bear sighting our neighbors, friends, and family arrived to celebrate our Neighborhood Nativity.  A celebration, kid style, of Jesus’ birth.  It went well.  However, Bryan did not want to participate so he was inside wandering during pictures and the nativity.  Kids are so different, and it is refreshing to see their different personalities develop.  We love both of our boys dearly.  God has blessed us with these wild days and nights.  Mary and Joseph had their hands full as parents too.ImageImageImageImage


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