Joy Dare

I woke early this morning because  Bryan woke three times in the night with leg pain.  After calling the doctor/nurse on call we are on a watch and wait vigil.  I think he’s fine.  However, I rejoice in God’s mighty power to give us rest and wake us as needed.  I think mom’s have that keen ear to come help always.  Thank you mom for answering my early morning call to you as well for a nurse/mom consult.  Bryan is now watching cartoons, and Daniel and Addison are sleeping peacefully on their first camp out at the zoo!  Look forward to hearing about that adventure.

I read about Ann Voskamp’s weekend Joy Dare, and here is a neat photo of link to her challenge for December:

  So I will start counting God’s Graceful Gifts to me this holiday season.  Today I will reflect on 3 gifts white and 3 gifts bright…

1. Creamy white and gold Nativity that was given to me by my mother, it now adorns our white mantel

2. White porcelain nativity that I placed on our bathroom counter…reminds me of my childhood

3. White teeth, that may sound silly, but I am thankful we live in a country with toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental care.  We are truly blessed with beautiful smiles, healthy teeth.

4. Bright white lights hung on our house by Daniel

5. Bright white lights that light our Christmas tree in our living room

6. Bright lamp light that greets me each morning, with a thankfulness for electricity today.   Again, we live in a blessed nation.

I will continue my gifts tally throughout December.  If you want some beautiful inspiration check out your Bible, God’s glimmers around you, and Ann Voskamp’s A Holy Experience Blog



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