Running the Race…Trying to Keep Pace

Today I took a morning run with one of my neighbor running girl friends.  We had a quick paced 3 mile run and talked the whole time.  I wanted to walk, but I pushed forward and made it back home without stopping.  Why does everything seem to move so fast?

Fast days, fast nights, and fast things surround us in this world.  I hope that I will try to slow down a bit as the day moves forward.  I tend to speed through each event and sometimes miss the little “glimmers of God’s grace” along the way.  Right now, I am thankful for…a sleeping child, my husband’s ability and willingness to take our older son to the school bus stop, and for jobs.  We have the ability to share our gifts to receive gifts.  These gifts are in turn ours to use, lose, or abuse.  I hope we are using our gifts wisely today.  May we run the race set before us with His strength, mercy, and love. 


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